Kitchen Wrapper ( All in One)


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Kitchen Wrapper ( All in One)
Kitchen Wrapper ( All in One)

Organizing your Paper Towels and Tinfoil has never been easier with this Multi-function Dispenser that allows you to Dispense both Paper Towels, Tinfoil and Plastic Wrap while giving you a nifty shelf Space on the top. You can pretty much put anything on the top Storage piece, not just Spices. It's really Neat and Cool looking device that will give your Kitchen a much more Organized Feeling.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomic Design, Very Convenient for Use.
  • Convenient and Suitable for Using to storage cling film in Kitchen.
  • Elegant, Safe, and Practical Accessory for the Modern Kitchen.
  • Wall mounted Kitchen roll holder with cling film, Storage Rack and Foil Cutter.


**Due to a large increase in Social Media attention, supplies are limited, so order yours as soon as possible before we sell out!**

    The knobs for the dispenser have a nice concealed blade in order to cut right through your plastic or tinfoil, making it easy to dispense your wrap.

    Installation is VERY EASY

    Installing this item is extremely easy, the back of the dispenser has holes for you to wall mount this safely and firmly.

    Refilling this dispenser is a breeze and has plenty of room to store a full roll

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